Ed Perdian


Plays lead and rhythym guitar, sings lead and backup and acts as our frontman. He is one of the founding members of Blue Cadillac. His genuine enthusiasm shines through in all that he does musically providing a continual source of encouragement for all the band members.  

Chip Judd


Performs on drums and sings lead and backup. As a man of many artistic talents, he helps out with other duties such as graphics design, media and promotion as well as providing a killer rehearsal studio. Simply put, you couldn't ask for a better team player.  

Roger Szabo


Playing keyboard Roger brings a keen sense of balance and color to the music.   He truly enjoys entertaining and we are pleased to have him with the band.

Earl Hickman


Earl Hickman (formerly ARoy-El Bass) a trained multimedia technician and musician who has a career resume in professional music performance. His versatile music performances have been enjoyed throughout two-thirds of the United States of America with various recording artists and show groups out of Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York and Virginia.